26 April 2010

White jeans from Mango, Big cross from Primark, Leopard head from NewLook, Everything else thrifted.

Source : Fashiongonerogue

Loving Shakira - Gipsy

19 April 2010

I need the beach.
A dress I got in Berlin, random jewellery.

I would definitely feel okay with getting these. Michael Kors shoes and watch, Fallon jewellery.

I have brown hair now. Instead of turning blond I turned red. I had to change it !

05 April 2010

Remember this ?

Thrifted boots, santiags, Moschino belt, cross turned into an earing and jumpsuit from a random shop.

I was talking about the Moschino thrifted bag a few days ago. On saturday I sold things on a secondhand market and I found a Moschino belt ! Got it for 2€. I feel so lucky. I'm weirdly attracted to cowboy accessories. I'd love a big leather fringe jacket. (I'm sick. I look so tired).

Inspired by : Braids, Lara Stones curvey body.