22 September 2010

Summer end's

Well I didn't really saw it beginning anyway...

A bit of my summer : Disneyland, Crete, Boyfirend, Friends, Party ! It's not always about fashion ! :)

P.s : Byebye Belgium ! I'm moving to London !

08 September 2010

Shoes and Dress from a random shop, Thrifted scarf, Earings from six.

I wear these shoes all the time - You can see that... Heels which I can run after the bus with. I don't wear this dress a lot but I really really like it. When I say "random shop" it means it's a shop with no special labels. Usually where I find most of my clothes with thrit stores.

Wardrobe. 90% of my bags are thrifted. The half of my clothes are too.

DIY bracelet. I made this after wanting it for a long time. Why buying it ? It's so easy to make.

H&M nailpolish. Saw this yesterday in Maastricht. I was seeing this colour on many bloggers nails so I decided to try it. It's a bit too... grey... for me, but it's okay. I prefer brighter nailpolish.

Art. This is my notebook where I draw/write things. This is something I did after going to London.

Bébé chat. This is my cat. He's so cute and always wants to be hugged.