03 March 2010

New look body, Mango jeans, Old scarf from my mum, Vintage bag, blazer and rosary, Shoes from a random shop, Wet hair (not dirty..)

White jeans make me think of bourgeois. But make such a refreshing look ! I was looking for one while the sales were on. I was so happy to find this Mango jeans for 7€ (more or less the same in $). It was something like 30 and I went there nearly every week to see the price go down haha. Nobody wants white jeans in winter. Come on guys ! Anticipate summer :D
This body I LOVE so much. Wanted a bodysuit for a long time. You can't really see well but it striped white and blue. Like Petit Bateau.
Got these shoes a few months ago. Sheep ! I don't wear them a lot though.


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