15 March 2010

Went trifting at my local secondhand market last friday. It was a long time since I was there. I'm so poor right now haha. And everytime I go there I explose my budget.
Bought this black transparent granny jacket (I bought it from a granny, that's why), White and blue striped skirt (I'm going to turn it into a summer dress), the Moschino bag!, A velvet dress, a pull-over I don't know what I'm going to do with yet, a child chemise. And a cross I turned onto an earing. It's on the bottom left of first picture but you can't se it...

I felt so excited when I saw this bag:

Got it for 3€. I felt like "Oh I have to get that before somebody else grabs it !". But. Who here would know Moschino ?... Ok, don't really think it's a real one. But it's leather. So maybe ?

I want this belt. So I felt happy finding the bag :)

Wanting Australia sun.

From routard.com

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  1. OMG that bag!!! I bet it is real, but if not who cares it looks real!! xoxo


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